Lighting for industrial areas, harbors and outdoor sports facilities

Since 2005, Solljus has supplied lighting for a variety of outdoor applications. The transition to LED technology has made it possible for us to offer energy-efficient outdoor lighting, from 10W up to 1200W. What our outdoor luminaires have in common is a durable construction, reliable operation and a well-developed lens/optics system.

Outdoor lighting for industrial areas often consists of lighting for facades, sidewalks, parking areas or of high mast lights for large fields. Solljus Ovik is suitable for all the above except for mast lighting. It has a flexible construction that can be mounted on both a facade or a pole. As for mast lighting, we recommend the Solljus Lyse and Solljus Stella (Stella will be introduced on our new website in October).

London Gateway and Dubai JA terminal 3, with over 2000 luminaires from our range, are two port customers of ours that we are very proud of. Port lighting is an area of expertise where our patented lenses excel. We offer an incredibly good evenness of the lighting, in combination with luminaires that are classified for extreme stresses. The Solljus Stella is made to last over 30 years, making us a very sustainable alternative. The Solljus Lyse luminaire is also adapted to illuminate port areas and their environments.

We also have a wide range of products for illuminating outdoor sports facilities. Exercise trails, ski tracks, football fields, hockey rinks, skiing slopes and trotting tracks are some of the customer groups we have provided lighting for. The natural white light, an even light distribution and a consistently high quality of the products make us a strong producer in this segment as well.

We always help you with the choice of lighting – free of charge, and we strive to offer a sustainable as well as cost efficient alternative, adapted for you!

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