LED lighting for barns, stables and zoos

Over the years, Solljus has supplied lighting to a large number of animal stables, barns, and zoos. We always strive to mimic the sun’s light, which means that animals thrive in the light from our LED fixtures. This has been the single biggest factor in our success in this segment and the quality of our lighting has been confirmed by customers, installers, and SLU alike.

Interesting facts: Cows, rhinos, sheep, fish, chickens, dolphins, horses, pigs, tigers, chimpanzees, lemurs, and gorillas, among others, enjoy the light from Solljus daily!

Barn in Jämtland, Sweden, with Solljus Zenith Ra90+ luminaires.

In addition to natural light, we supply luminaires with very robust and durable construction. Animal housing can be a very demanding environment at times and the components in our fixtures are designed to survive in these environments. The fixtures can often be difficult to reach, so a long maintenance interval is also important. We always supply our products with a 5-year warranty and the average lifetime of our LED luminaires is 100,000h.

DALI control is available as an option for most Solljus fixtures. This is a rapidly growing control system for animal housing. The system allows, among other things, easy dimming, control with daylight sensors, and easy adjustment of night lighting, which in turn contributes to increased energy savings and high animal welfare.

Replacing lighting or installing new fixtures from Solljus, has never been easier.

Lighting calculation in Dialux.

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Br. Team Solljus

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