Lighting for padel courts

Padel is a sport that is constantly growing and we have naturally kept this in mind in our product development. Lighting padel courts can be done in two effective ways: the first is to illuminate from the poles that are often pre-mounted on the courts, which is a given outdoors and the second is to illuminate from the roof of the padel hall. The advantage of the latter is that it usually achieves a better uniformity of light on the playing surface.

Solljus AB has so far supplied lighting to a dozen padel facilities and the results have been top-class! When designing the lighting, we always follow EN 1293:2018 standards for sports facilities, and of course, we develop it further according to the customer’s wishes. What we focus on most when planning lighting for padel courts is uniformity, reducing the risk of glare and light quality, and delivering an energy-efficient and sustainable solution.

The Solljus fixture best suited for post lighting is the OVIK LED with 100,000h runtime and a 5-year warranty. For lighting from the ceiling we choose between OVIK LED, Compact LED and Zenith LED. In short, we have a wide range and can always offer the best solution for your particular installation!

Ovik LED 50-200W
Compact 100-240W with Dali control
Swedish made Zenith 175W with Dali control

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