LED lighting for horse stables, riding halls and riding arenas

In recent years, Solljus has supplied lighting to nearly 100 riding halls and riding arenas, and we have received many compliments about our lighting. We have set our own standard to make your spaces as pleasant and safe to stay in as possible.


    "The lighting is fantastic, it switches on immediately, there are no shadows and the quality of the light is superb!"

To maximize well-being and safety, we place special emphasis on the following:

Lighting level
The SI unit of illuminance is called lux. Recommendations for riding halls are 150 lux, which is far below the limit to be able to have a pleasant and safe event in the space. Solljus usually recommends a lighting level between 300 and 500 lux, depending on how many people stay in the riding hall and what level of competitions are organized.

The evenness of the lighting is very important, to make sure there are no shadows that can disturb the horses. When we give you an offer, we always include free lighting plans. This is done in a program called Dialux, where we can check both light level and evenness at different heights. Especially important is the evenness at a height of 1.5 - 2 m, which is in the horses’ field of vision.

Flicker-free lighting
Both old fluorescent light and cheaper LED lighting give off a constant flicker that the eye can not see. This is visible for example with slow-motion filming and photographs. In order to be able to get good pictures in your arena, flicker-free light is therefore needed. This is something that we always provide. Another advantage of a completely flicker-free light is that it is not tiring for the eyes and is very pleasant to stay in.

Energy efficiency
With today's electricity prices, energy efficiency is an important part to consider. Solljus LED is continuously evolving and we always provide the most energy efficient lighting fixtures. We also offer the option of a control system to be able to dim the lighting and turn it off automatically when no one is in the room.

A large cost in old lighting fixtures consists, in addition to energy consumption, of maintenance costs. We want Solljus to be a safe choice with low maintenance costs. We offer a 5-year warranty on our entire LED range and 100,000 hours of operating time.

For riding arenas, there are specific guidelines that we always follow. A natural white light with a good light distribution is the most important thing to strive for. To achieve this, we have flexible solutions with different mounting options for our luminaires to get the best possible lighting for the riding arena.

Luminaires that we recommend:

Riding stables and halls:
Solljus Zenith 145W Ra90 Dali
Solljus Compact 100-240W Dali

Ovik LED 50-200W

How can you get a quote from us?

  1. Fill in the contact form on our home page or email/call someone in our team.
  2. Based on the information we receive from you, we make a lighting plan and give you a quote. This is free of charge.
  3. 3Afterwards, we go through the quotation and make a plan, either at your facilities or via video conference. This is to be certain that what we have offered you is the solution you wanted.
  4. After we determine that Solljus is the right option for you, the order is placed directly with us and the lighting is delivered straight to you from our warehouse in Örnsköldsvik.

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