LED flicker – what is that?

There is a lot of different LED luminaries out there and sometimes it is difficult to know, what the differences are between a good and a bad luminaire. One factor that affects the quality is flicker.

All LEDs are driven on a specific frequency. For example, almost all Solljus LEDs are 100Hz. All frequencies over 70Hz are considered as flicker free but there is also another value to consider: flicker percent (%). The percent tells the differences in lumen output between the oscillations and a lower value is better. A low flicker percent is important to have in industries where cameras are used in production, where quality checks are made and anywhere when a non-disturbing light is wanted.

In the worst cases you can see a LED with almost 99,5% flicker. That means, on a LED driven at 100Hz, the LED is 100% bright 100 times/second and dark (0,5% of total lumen) 100 times/second.

All Solljus luminaires are flicker free and they have very good flicker percent:

Zenith LED 0.1% (100Hz)
Stella LED 0,9% (100Hz)
Compact LED 3,0% (100Hz)
Ovik LED 16,5% (100Hz)

As always, if you aren´t sure what will be the best luminaire for you, contact us and we will gladly help you to choose the best alternative!

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