How to choose the right type of lighting?

I think we can all agree on the fact that choosing the right type of lighting might be challenging. At Solljus, we help customers daily to achieve the perfect lighting for their locations. We will here shortly present what you should consider when choosing the lighting for your large spaces.

  1. What does the surroundings look like? How much light do you need? What type of light quality do you need? (PS. More about light quality in our next article.)
  2. How often does the light need to be turned on and off during a normal day? The more hours of use a lighting fixture have, the higher the components’ energy efficiency and durability needs to be.
  3. How do you achieve these demands in the most economic and energy efficient way? A higher lumen means a higher amount of light given out. The optics/lenses then decide how the light is distributed. Different mounting options in the building requires different types of lighting fixtures. The light quality also varies between the different lighting fixtures.
  4. Are there additional product or system options for your chosen lighting fixture? For example, in a warehouse it might be economic to install a system that automatically turns the light off and on.

There are many things to consider when choosing the lighting for your daily surroundings. We will guide you and help you plan and choose the right lighting for you, entirely for free!

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