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Solljus Ab is one of the top modern companies within LED lighting. Since 2005 we have been in the lead of developing and producing lighting fixtures. What makes Solljus exceptional is the high quality of the products and we always want to make sure we offer You the very best! Our main business premises are in Östersund, Sweden, but we operate both nationally and internationally.

Zenith LED


Our focus lies on the development and projecting of LED lighting. With our wide range of products, we can always find a solution for You.

Light quality

As the company name Solljus (Sunlight in English) may tell, we always focus on light quality with the goal to imitate the natural light of the sun.


We are recognized for our patented prism technology that will allow the light beams to distribute in the most efficient ways. With different lenses/optics we can install light fixtures at a height of 2-80 meters.


Solljus offers a reliable guarantee on the entire product range. The LED products include a 5-year component and lighting fixture warranty.

Lighting design

We always offer our customer free lighting design in the DIALux software. This way we can choose the right lighting fixtures, efficiency and optics for your projects.

Product development

We have developed our products in Sweden since the early 2000’s. Our production facilities are in Sweden and in Asia.


    "The lighting is fantastic, it switches on immediately, there are no shadows and the quality of the light is superb!"


    "We are very satisfied with Solljus lighting. Switching to Solljus LED is an easy way to modernize your hall"

Are you one of our happy customers?

We have had the pleasure to work with thousands of customers around the world. To greet all the customers equally and to offer the best lighting is of great value to us. We are proud to present these following references:
The best way to know when there´s good lighting is when you don´t notice it

These are our products

We are very pleased with our wide supply of products. We offer products that can be installed at a low height up to a height of 80 meters. We work with regulations in temperature from – 40 up to +300 degrees Celsius. In other words; we cover a wide range of demand!

Zenith LED
160W IP65 Dali Ra90

100 000h L90B10
Ra 90 / 4000K / SDCM 3
19 500 lm
Ta 60°C
5 Year Warranty

Compact LED
60-240W IP65 Dali

100 000h L80B10
Ra 85 / 4000K / SDCM 3
8 400 – 33 600 lm
Ta 50°C
5 Year Warranty

Curling LED
100-200W NSF IP69K

100 000h L70B10
Ra 85 / 4000K / SDCM 3
14 000 – 28 000 lm
Ta 50°C
5 Year Warranty

Ovik LED
50-200W IP66

100 000h L70B10
Ra 85 / 4000K / SDCM 3
6 500 – 26 000 lm
Ta 40°C
5 Year Warranty

Lyse LED
200-900W IP 66 Dali

100 000h L70B10
Ra 75 / 5000K
24 000 – 117 000 lm
Ta 55°C
5 Year Warranty

Lyse Sport LED
600-1250W IP66 Dali DMX

50 000h L70
Ra 80 / 3000-6500K
90 000 – 162 500 lm
Ta 50°C
5 Year Warranty

Futurix LED
14-92W IP65

100 000h L80B10
Ra 80 / 4000K / SDCM 3
2 020 – 13 970 lm
Ta 30-38°C
5 Year Warranty

Utiline LED
28-128W IP66

100 000h L80B20
Ra 80+ / 4000K / SDCM 3
4 000 – 18 750 lm
Ta -°C
5 Year Warranty

Stella LED (EX)
150-600W IP67

100 000h L80
Ra 70-90 / 4000K
16 500 – 80 000 lm
Ta 60°C/80°C
5 Year Warranty

Royal LED
30-280W IP66

100 000h L70B10
Ra 80 / 4000K / SDCM 3
4 500 – 46 200 lm
Ta 50°C
5 Year Warranty

Zenith CDM
150-315W IP23-65 Ra90

15 – 30 000h
Ra 90 / 4000K
14 500 – 36 200 lm
Ta 50°C
2 Year Warranty

Do you want to book a project with us?

We always look forward to new projects and to help You get the lighting you need. Contact us by filling out the form on this page or by contacting someone from our Team. We then arrange a walkthrough with you at your facilities, by phone or via Teams. You can also visit our office.

Our team

  • [Henrik  Råghall]

    [Henrik Råghall]

    Team manager and international sales

    About [Henrik Råghall]

    I have been a part of Solljus since 2011 and I work at the main office in Östersund. I am responsible for the export sales of the company and for our customers in northern Sweden. Ever since I started at Solljus, project management has been a great part of my work, which means I have spent a lot of hours doing lighting design in DIALux. When I am not at work, I enjoy being out on a boat on Störsjön or skiing in Åre. If the weather is bad I gladly stay inside by the stove trying out some new recipes.

    +46 73 070 2589

  • [Johan  Cederberg] FINLAND

    [Johan Cederberg] FINLAND

    Account manager

    About [Johan Cederberg] FINLAND

    I represent Solljus in Finland since 2011. My office is in Jakobstad and I manage the sales in all of Finland. This leads to a lot of travelling on the roads, which I enjoy a lot. In my spare time, I am renovating a house from the 1940’s and of course, a lot of lighting and automation needs installing and it is interesting to see this process from a home owner’s perspective. Besides that, I also enjoy exercising every now and then and I like all forms of outdoor life.

    +358 (0)50 350 1987

  • [Paolo Zanchetta] ITALY

    [Paolo Zanchetta] ITALY

    Sales Representative

    About [Paolo Zanchetta] ITALY

  • [Madis Kareda] ESTONIA

    [Madis Kareda] ESTONIA

    Sales Representative

    About [Madis Kareda] ESTONIA

    I am representative in Estonia since 2015. My background is sound, electronics and project management. Our installations so far have been bubble halls direct and indirect lighting, flower shops, basketball halls, school gyms, concert halls and large venues with 10 000 spectactors. It has been an honour to work together with friendly and very skilled people from Solljus AB. There are many clients in Estonia who say : “It is so plesent to our eyes”.

    +372 506 9399

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