LED lighting for ice rinks

Switching to LED lighting in an ice rink brings many benefits; better light, big energy savings, longer maintenance intervals, and the possibility of smarter control of the lighting. For new buildings, as for renovations, LED technology is a given nowadays.

Since 2005, Solljus has been supplying lighting for ice rinks and arenas and we offer lighting for everything from small outdoor rinks to full-size arenas for higher league play. We always follow EN standards, Swedish Hockey Federation guidelines, and Finnish Hockey Federation guidelines.

Solljus LED maintains a very high standard for ice rink lighting. What sets us apart is our optics with minimal glare and a wide range of effects, with different light distributions, which allow us to deliver very uniform light. In addition to this, our fixtures have the option of both Dali and DMX control, allowing the lighting to be easily adjusted according to the use of the arena.

When it’s time for you to get new lighting, we always do free lighting plans. In the planning process, we compare different options to ultimately come up with the most cost-effective option for you. Send us an email or give one of our team members a call, and we’ll help you in the process of getting the best lighting!

Kasthallen, Gävle, Sweden – Publikhall div 2, J20 elit and J18 allsvenkan.

Pedersöre, Finland – Ice hockey rink at a scool

These are the luminaires we recommend::

Indoor ice rinks
Compact 100-240W with Dali control
Swedish made Zenith 175W with Dali control

Lyse sport 600-1200W with Dali or DMX control

Ulkokentät ja kaukalot
Ovik LED 50-200W

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