EX-classified lighting

Over the years, our customers have requested EX-classified luminaires and we have of course received the feedback with open arms. EX-classification or ATEX, means that the lighting is suitable for environments with dust and explosive gases. The solid development work is now finished, and we can proudly present Solljus’ own EX-classified LED luminaires!

The common characteristics of Solljus EX luminaires:

1. Low surface temperature of the luminaire.
2. Long distances between contacts and the outside, so that any sparks have time to fade out.
3. Tight design IP66-67.
4. Qualitative components that meet the requirements for temperature resistance (difficult to catch fire).
5. Construction of non-flammable materials (aluminum).
6. Construction so robust, that minor internal explosions do not propagate out of the shell.

Stella LED EX product sheet
Edge LED EX product sheet

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