LED lighting – An updated product range!

led belysning

At Solljus our goal has always been to offer a comprehensive range for our customers. Core values for our LED lighting range are high light quality, durability and energy efficiency. The transition to LED lighting has given us great opportunities and we are now launching the following products:

Solljus Lyse Sport LED 600W & 1250W

Lyse Sport is a luminaire developed especially for sports arenas. With this luminaire, we can illuminate everything from smaller sports facilities to UEFA class A arenas.

Solljus Stella LED

EX Atex LED Stella LED is an upgraded bestseller that now comes in two versions: EX classified luminaire as 150W and 300W, and in a standard version as 240W and 470W. Stella LED is a very robust luminaire with durability in focus, for the most demanding environments both indoors and outdoors.

Solljus Edge LED

EX Atex LED Edge is a robust street luminaire that is intended for industrial areas and port areas. In the 60W version, the luminaire is EX classified and 100W and 150W can be equipped with EP (emergency power).

We are very satisfied with the development of our product range and we are constantly moving forward as changes take place in the industry. Do you have questions about our new products? Feel free to contact someone in our team for a presentation!

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