The history of Solljus

Solljus Ab was founded in Jämtland, Sweden, in 2005 and then began the development work of producing our unique optics system, where the tempered glass lens has a central role. In 2008, the sales started and our flagship luminaire Zenith, equipped with CDM technology (ceramic metal halide), became a bestseller. Starting out, the production was based in Svenstavik and the head office in Östersund.

In 2014, the company was sold to Labino Patent in Örnsköldsvik and Prismalence Ab became our affiliated company. The production was moved to Örnsköldsvik and our focus shifted towards developing LED lights. Today there is LED technology in most of the luminaires we sell, but regardless of technology, the principles have always been the same for us; to take advantage of the light, maximize the benefit and minimize glare.

During these years, we have worked with a lot of different customer groups and helped them with lighting solutions for their properties, such as greenhouses, zoos, swimming halls, facades, exercise trails, boatyards, riding stables, barns, tennis halls and ski slopes. All our customers are equally important to us, but the core of the company has always been industries and we predict that is the direction our company will continue developing in for the most part.

Our technology has been successful in both Sweden and abroad, which can be proved by the 2500 customers, in over 15 countries, that are already using our high-quality product solutions. From the very same office in Östersund, where we started this journey, we continue the progress and our mission to offer you the best lighting!

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