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LED lighting – An updated product range!

At Solljus our goal has always been to offer a comprehensive range for our customers. Core values for our LED lighting range are high light quality, durability and energy efficiency. The transition to LED lighting has given us great opportunities and we are now launching the following products: Solljus Lyse Sport LED 600W & 1250W […]
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LED for warm spaces

The metal industry with melting, welding and casting, or the paper industry with boiling procedures, come with specific lighting challenges due to the high temperatures in the surroundings. The temperatures can be reasonable down on the ground floor but rise to 60°-80°C in warm air pockets under the roof. For instance, opening furnaces can cause […]
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Lighting for industrial areas, harbors and outdoor sports facilities

Since 2005, Solljus has supplied lighting for a variety of outdoor applications. The transition to LED technology has made it possible for us to offer energy-efficient outdoor lighting, from 10W up to 1200W. What our outdoor luminaires have in common is a durable construction, reliable operation and a well-developed lens/optics system. Outdoor lighting for industrial […]
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What qualities do your LED fixtures need?

In this article, we will guide you through the most common technical terms you need to know about when choosing LED lighting. To get good lighting, you need to consider all the information and recommendations given down below. Lumen per watt (lm/W) – Lumen indicates the amount of light coming from a light source. Watt […]
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How to choose the right type of lighting?

I think we can all agree on the fact that choosing the right type of lighting might be challenging. At Solljus, we help customers daily to achieve the perfect lighting for their locations. We will here shortly present what you should consider when choosing the lighting for your large spaces. What does the surroundings look […]
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