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Our unique design

Dense optics that prevents debris from impairing the brightness. GORE-TEX breathing filter that protects against condensation. Lens Technology with tempered glass in different beam angles. Reflector in aluminized steel with the highest degree of reflection.


  • Best LCC-calculation
  • Long lifetime
  • Dirt-resistant lens
  • Low cost of replacement-components

Best light quality

Excellent work light: White, smooth, flicker-free, UV-blocking, and contrasts with accurate color reproduction. The light source is high light yield and maintains the light output even at high and low ambient temperatures. Undeteriorated light quality throughout the lamp life.

Less maintenance

Sealed optics prevent dirt reduces the brightness. Extremely long service life of the control gear, 80000-120000 hours. Robust construction. Light source, that can withstand vibration and shock.